Our company is fully compliant with the North American Transportation Industry Safety standards.

All our vehicles are e-logs equipped, maintaining only the required hours of continuous driving, keeping in check any chances of violations way ahead of time.

TRANS99 only employs dedicated and safe drivers to handle your shipments. We only deploy drivers who consistently pass drug and alcohol testing, possess necessary qualifications, licensing and permits, and who are well rested. Additionally, they take advantage of some of the safest and most compliant trucks and equipment on the highway. Our dedicated employees ensure equipment safety through using vehicle inspection, as well as periodic inspection and maintenance.All employees are trained on how to handle and transport hazardous materials, too.


Safety and compliance is a must in our business. We spend great time ensuring we excel in both; we value our employees enough to provide them with top-notch equipment, and we value our customers to ensure we are shipping their products with stellar equipment.