Customer satisfaction is our primary priority. For this reason, we offer a full spectrum of transportation and logistics services.

Our services include:



TRANS99’s flatbed division effectively handles any and all freight or cargo requiring shipping, and its members possess all training and certifications necessary to adhere to safety standards while carrying out flatbed transportation services.


Dry Van

Customers needing to transport goods which must maintain protection from moisture are able to take advantage of our dry van services. TRANS99 is unique in that we use GPS trackers to provide customers with completely


Heated Services

Trans99 is able to transport products using climate-controlled trailers which use powerful heaters to manage the internal environment in which we house products we ship. Customers are often able to take advantage of this during the cold winter months



No matter how massive or small the shipment, Trans99 incorporate cross docking into its arsenal in order to greatly minimize storage costs while enhancing overall timeliness. We work diligently to keep our customers happy.



TRANS99’s advanced and modern warehouse and devoted warehouse services allow us to guarantee that Trans99 can exceed all expectations. It allows us to maintain exceptional flexibility when working to deliver desired results for all customers’ unique needs in services.


Step Deck

Trans99’s step deck services set them apart from competitors; we are able to ship exceptionally tall products using this service. We know that every customer brings unique demands to us, and each operation presents its own set of challenges.


Expedited Services

Trans99 knows that customers frequently face situations, which are time-sensitive, and we are ready to handle their most pressing needs. Trans99 has developed a great reputation for ensuring timeliness. We incorporate non-stop operations and utilize



TRANS99 is highly experienced with transportation across the United States and Canadian border. We are ready to put our vast experience and many certifications to use in order to simplify and expedite this sophisticated process so that the border-crossing phase


Open Board FTL

Whether our customers require us to ship carriers to volume capacity, unbalanced loads, unusually heavy shipments, high-risk/high-value shipments, or face pressing time demands, our FTL (Full truckload) services guarantee that we are up


Line Haul

Our exceptional trailers, trucks, and tractors allow Trans99 to carry out high-mileage shipments at a superior level.
Our goal is customer satisfaction; for this reason, we work hard to minimize shipment transit time while ensuring product safety and cost-effectiveness.


Just in time

TRANS99 implements a highly capable just in time service, which helps to minimize extra costs for our customers. We keep only the inventory we need in order to eliminate wastefulness, benefiting our customers from a cost-effectiveness standpoint.


Refrigerated Transportation services

TRANS99 understands the concerns customers have when needing to ship products requiring refrigeration. We know that product safety is a top priority on any shipment involving refrigerated goods.